Chemotherapy Wigs in Los Alamitos, California

Specialty Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients in Los Alamitos, California

What can be done to manage hair loss due to chemotherapy?

  • Short hair wigs—Cut your hair short if you are expecting hair loss during chemotherapy. Since hair often does not fall out evenly, some find losing short hair is less distressing. Some people shave their heads once the hair begins to fall out.
  • Wigs—The best time to select a custom wig is to do so before you start losing hair do to the chemo treatments. This helps our stylist create a wig with the best possible match. Many insurance companies will pay for a wig if you are undergoing treatments, if so be sure you have the hair piece item written in as a prescription from your doctor. At Wigs for you our wig stylists specialize in wigs for alopecia (hair loss).
  • Caps Turbins & Scarves—Are also a great option and we have a large selection to choose from. A lot of our clients find these comfortable and easy to work with. At Wigs for you we carry a wide range of custom items specially-made for people undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
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